The sound that brings serenity within (first blog post) 

Music: a mixture of emotions, an unspoken heart, a soothing sound. A mystic gift from the heaven that dwells within us. A gift that speaks all things. 

For some, it is an inspiration, a perfect hiding place. For some, it’s their passion, their dream, a daily bread. It’s just everything in life. While for some, it is for leisure. But no matter what it always is enchanting. 

When I feel down and discouraged or perhaps frustrated, I usually find myself with my six strings running my fingers on it, easing the pain and anxiety with every notes and melodies. Every flow of melody  bring back each broken string of life into its normal place, for me that’s the power of music. At times, I find myself hiding from the reality of life with the headphone on my ears. I find peace on it. 

When life gets harder, take pleasure in music, feel the enchanting melody that move your soul,pick your feet along with it and move on with the flow. Remember life must go on.

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