Small Town Boy

Some months ago, as I was walking down the street around my neighborhood, I came across a group of tourists(Journalist), their accent seemed like those of the British accent. It was something normal in and around my place, only that this time they stopped  me and asked me about how it feels like growing up in a small town?
What can I say, I thought to myself. But as I start speaking about it, I realize that I had so much fun growing up in the hilly areas, taste of fresh air away from pollution. Blissful breeze, thick forest where wildlife flourish. Organic food in plenty, taste of cucumber plucked fresh from the field(along with other fruits and vegetables). A group of friends running around the neighborhood with a handmade wooden gun, sweat flowing down our mischief face. We hardly had time to think about what others say, we were all lost within ourselves. Collecting timber, fruits and vegetables from the forest itself. Nature never failed us. Picnic at the river sides, trekking along the mountain ranges. I grew up from a small paradise. 

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